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June 2016 Archives

Bitten by a dog? Consult with an attorney.

Before anybody decides to get a pet, they need to fully consider the responsibility they are taking on -- especially if you are considering getting a dog. Dogs can be tremendous companions that fulfill part of your life, but they also demand a lot of attention, training and affection. It is no small feat to properly train an obedient dog.

California roads did not see safety improvement in 2014

According to some 2014 data from the California Office of Traffic Safety, there are some things to happy about and many more things to be upset about. The data from that year in motor vehicle accidents shows that while the number of traffic fatalities declined when compared to 2013, most other significant statistical figures increased.

4 vehicles involved in fatal crash, police searching for answers

Four cars were involved in a fatal car accident recently in Brentwood, California, and now the police are looking for answers to the wreck. The crash occurred when a truck crashed into the back of a Ford Fusion. Those two vehicles were then pushed forward into two other vehicles. A man in the Fusion was killed in the wreck, while people in both of the other two vehicles that were enveloped in the crash needed hospitalization. The man who caused the crash, the driver of the truck, did not need hospitalization.