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Animal Bites Archives

How does someone contract rabies?

One of the biggest fears that humans have when interacting with animals is contracting a potentially deadly disease such as rabies from them. This medical condition can result in serious neurological problems and even result in an individual's death. Rabies can be transmitted to a human anytime they come in contact with an infected animal's saliva, brain or nervous system tissue.

Two potentially serious illnesses associated with cat attacks

It is safe to assume that most California residents fear dog attacks more than they fear cat attacks. While dogs can be large and appear aggressive, most cats just look too sweet to wage war on a human. Unfortunately, cats can attack people just like dogs can and sometimes the outcome of a bite or a scratch can be serious.

Fatal dog attacks reach a record high in California

Dogs are well known as a person's best friend, but a dog bite could be a person's worst nightmare. There is significant physical pain from the puncture wounds caused by dogs' teeth or the scratches from their paws. The emotional pain and the time spent during recovery can also add untold suffering to a bad experience.

When owner negligence leads to animal bites in California

Suffering an animal attack can be a traumatic experience, even if you only suffer minor injuries. When these attacks lead to significant physical damage, the trauma runs even deeper and can result in emotional as well as physical harm. Making matters worse, serious animal bites can cause additional medical issues such as infections or exposure to disease.

Know what to do when you encounter a service dog

Those of us who love dogs often find it hard to resist talking to or petting service dogs when we see them out in public. However, it's essential to remember that these dogs are working. They have to focus on what they've been trained to do. If they lose that focus -- even for a second -- they can put their owner in serious danger.

Puncture wounds are more likely to get infected

Any type of cut or abrasion can get infected. You absolutely want to clean any wound thoroughly and keep an eye out for swelling and redness, which can both be signs of infection. The same is true for a wound that will not heal, that fills with pus or that seems tender and painful long after it should have healed.