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How often do fatalities result from intersection collisions?

If you think about the one thing that your parents taught you as you started to gain independence as a child, it was probably to look both ways when crossing the street. Many of us had our parents tell us that because they knew all-too-well just how dangerous intersections could be, and they wanted to engrain in the importance of giving them the added attention that they deserve.

Drunk driving and speeding aren't a safe combination

Drinking and driving isn't ever a good idea because there's an increased risk of an accident occurring. Unfortunately, some individuals think that they can do this safely. A recent case in San Mateo County highlights just how wrong things can go when a person drives while they're intoxicated.

How do insurance companies quantify pain and suffering?

When a person gets injured as a result of a car accident, the pain and suffering that they may be afflicted with tends to vary by the individual and severity of the accident. Insurance company adjusters use a multiplier method to account for this. It allows them to estimate the amount of compensation that a person is eligible for based on various components, including pain and suffering.

How to help your teen driver learn lane control

One of the most difficult things for a lot of new drivers to master is staying within their lane. Fortunately, unlike when most of us were learning to drive, many cars now have lane departure warning systems that let drivers know when they're starting to drift over the line. However, that doesn't necessarily make it easier for teen drivers to maneuver their vehicles as well as more experienced ones can.

How to safely drive in a roundabout

If it's been some years, or even decades, since you took driver's ed, you may feel some anxiety when you find yourself approaching a roundabout. While they've been common throughout the United Kingdom and Europe for many years, they've become increasingly popular in California and across the U.S.

Can you avoid a wrong-way crash?

Wrong-way accidents are some of the hardest to avoid for those driving in the proper direction. There are two main issues: Surprise and speed. This is not an accident you ever expect, so you're not ready for it, and it happens very quickly with both cars driving toward each other. That combination means the crash occurs in a split-second — and you may not have time to react.

Why driving at night is harder as we get older

If you're having more difficulty driving at night than you used to, you're not alone. Many people have this problem as they get older. Even if you regularly see an optometrist, have the proper prescription lenses and don't have untreated issues like cataracts, you may not feel as comfortable as you used to behind the wheel after sunset.