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Protecting Your Interests When You Have Been Severely Injured

The Law Offices of Vincent J. Scotto, III, has been dedicated to helping people who have suffered because of negligence on another’s part. We have more than 30 years of experience in holding the party at fault in your case accountable for his or her actions and recovering proper and just compensation for you. We also actively pursue all possible third parties that may be liable in order to maximize your possible settlement.

Our hands-on approach to practicing law ensures our clients’ satisfaction and helps us better represent them to insurance companies or to a jury. Our lawyers work closely with you in order to tell your story in a compelling manner and help you get what you need to continue on after a serious or catastrophic accident.

Our attorneys practice personal injury and workers’ compensation law. For more information, you can reach us at our office in San Mateo or Martinez at 650-375-2301, or fill out the contact form below to schedule your free initial consultation. We serve clients all over the Bay Area and Northern California.