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Do early school start times put students at risk?

School starts early for your teenage children. They complain about it and often refuse to get out of bed when you wake them up, and it gets frustrating. Eventually, though, you manage to get them up and out the door so that they can drive to school.

But should you be worried about more than just the effort it takes to get the day started? Are those early start times actually putting them in danger?

What are common occupational illnesses?

Anyone can catch a cold at work when a co-worker comes in with a nasty cough and miserable congestion. These transient illnesses hit California workers and may render them unable to work for a few days, but in time they clear up and the workers return to their full strength and health. An illness, such as a cold or flu, would not be considered an occupational illness for although it may originate at one's place of employment, it is not contracted due to the performance of their work.

Occupational illnesses are disorders and diseases that affect men and women because of the nature of or conditions in which they must work. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention track common occupational illnesses and this post will highlight some of the most common medical illnesses that American workers contract.

Why do rabbits bite?

With Easter approaching, if your kids are begging for their own bunny, remember that rabbits aren't a holiday toy. They're a pet and a long-term commitment. You may be caring for that rabbit long after your kids have left for (and maybe graduated from) college.

Whether you head down to the local animal shelter to adopt a rabbit or you or your kids are around a friend's or neighbor's bunny, it's important to remember that they can and do bite.

Injured workers may be entitled to immediate medical care

After a workplace accident or injury a California resident should notify their employer of the harm that they have suffered immediately or as soon as they can safely do so. This is because the notification requirement triggers an employer's workers' compensation response and the injured employee's opportunities to receive the medical care that they need. Under the state's system of workers' compensation, injured individuals have the right to be given medical care within one day of filing their claim with their employer.

This rule applies even if a claim for workers' compensation benefits is under investigation and a person whose claim is still being reviewed may still receive up to $10,000 in medical care. If the administrator of an injured worker's claim fails to process their documentation and the worker is not provided with timely medical assistance they may push for the help they need by communicating through their supervisor or management within their employing organization.

Parents keep setting a bad example for teen drivers

Laws will not stop teens from getting distracted while driving. They can cut back on it -- in theory, a teen who gets a citation for a dangerous driving behavior will refrain from doing it in the future -- but those teen drivers still have choices to make. They have to choose to be safe.

That starts at home, experts claim. Parents set examples that kids follow. Parents need that to be a good example, showing teens how to drive safely. If not, it puts everyone at risk.

Coming back from a serious workplace accident

Practically every day, all across the state of California, men and women suffer injuries while they are performing the duties of their jobs. Some of those injuries are relatively minor, such as small trips that result in stubbed toes, or minor cuts from boxes or papers. However, some individuals are involved in serious workplace accidents that leave them severely harmed and unable to continue to do their work.

A workplace accident can take a victim away from their employment and deny them the opportunities to support their family. As they work to recover, they may see their income stop and their financial power diminish. A workplace accident can do more than just hurt a victim's body: it can also limit their ability to provide for the people that they love.

Authorities investigating cause of wrong-way Highway 1 crash

Two people were killed in a crash during the pre-dawn hours of Saturday, Feb. 9, on Highway 1. The deadly crash occurred when a man who was reportedly driving a Prius southbound in the northbound lane of the highway in Pacifica ran head-on into a pickup truck.

Two people in the Prius, both passengers, were killed. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), only one of those passengers was wearing a seat belt.

Youth may be a contributing factor to some workplace injuries

It is a rite of passage for some California teenagers to get their first jobs once they are qualified to work. The happiness of earning their own money and having the financial power to buy what they want can motivate some young people to seek out jobs that impose upon them significant tasks and responsibilities. Unfortunately, data offered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggest that young workers in certain industries can suffer workplace injuries more frequently than their older counterparts.

Particularly in the field of retail, the CDC found that young workers, defined as those between the ages of 16 and 24, suffer more injuries than their older colleagues. "Retail," includes any center of commerce where goods may be purchased, such as restaurants, warehouses, big box stores, boutiques, department stores and many others.

Hurt while shopping? Seek compensation for your injuries

It isn't unusual while shopping for groceries to hear this over the intercom: "Clean up on Aisle 8!"

It is crucial that business owners quickly address spills or mark freshly mopped areas with "wet floor" signs. This is because of the danger that exists if someone should slip and fall on their premises.

Important steps to pursue to seek workers' compensation benefits

Getting hurt at or sick from while on the job can be a financially and physically painful event for a California resident and their family. When caught in this difficult situation, many individuals can seek workers' compensation benefits from their employers to provide them with compensation as they work to heal from their illnesses or injuries. In order to pursue workers' compensation, however, individuals generally must take certain steps to protect their rights.

One important action that a worker should take after developing a workplace injury or illness is to tell their employer about their condition. Notice should be given to the worker's employer as soon as possible. The failure of a worker to tell their employer about their physical harm could cause difficulties later on when they take additional steps toward securing workers' compensation benefits.