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2014 data shows drop in fatal workplace accidents in California

On Behalf of | May 20, 2016 | Work Restrictions

A report from the California Department of Industrial Relations found that the number of fatal workplace incidents in 2014 (the most recent year for available data) showed a sharp decline from previous years. In 2012 and 2013, there were 375 workplace deaths and 396 workplace deaths, respectively. In 2014, that number plummeted to 344. That’s a significant safety step — but that’s still nearly one workplace fatality per day in the state.

Breaking down the data a little more, about one third of deaths were due to transportation accidents while on the job. One-fifth of the deaths were due to “violent” acts at work, and another fifth were due to slip and falls at work.

It stands to reason that these areas in the workplace — transportation accidents, violent acts, and slip and falls — are also where a vast majority of non-fatal workplace injuries occur too. Hopefully the state of California will continue to make huge strides in workplace safety, with specific focus on these three areas, to curb fatal accidents and bring down the number of workplace incidents that cause injuries too.

In the meantime, though, people who are injured on the job need to consider their legal options in the wake of a workplace accident. Worse still, the families of workers who are killed on the job need to be prepared for an emotional and complex legal situation to deal with the untimely death of their loved one. Depending on the circumstances of your case, you could receive the civil justice your case deserves.

Source: Insurance Journal, “Fatal Occupational Injuries Fell in California in 2014, Latest Report Shows,” April 21, 2016


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