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Some unique premises liability situations, explained

On Behalf of | May 26, 2016 | Premises Liability

When someone is injured on the property of another person or company, it is right to start asking questions. Who is liable? Was my injury caused by their premises or my own actions? Are the conditions of the property up to the acceptable standard? Were the people in charge doing everything in their power to make patrons safe?

Premises liability cases can range from simple cases to very complex ones. For example, what if you are injured or hurt in a hotel? Is the hotel liable? It all depends. If the hotel failed to warn patrons of slippery conditions that could trigger a fall and then someone hurts themselves because of the conditions, then yes, the hotel could be held liable. But if a crime occurred on the hotel’s premise and someone was hurt in the act, the hotel generally isn’t liable, unless they could have done something to prevent it.

Another common question is in regards to sidewalks. If a broken sidewalk causes someone to trip and fall, is the city to blame? Again, it all depends. If your state has laws that protect municipalities from liability, then no, the city wouldn’t be held liable. Otherwise, you could pursue action against the city. Of course, construction sites can complicate this. If construction equipment or materials were involved, then the construction company or contractor may be liable.

Ultimately, dangerous conditions often leave people with injuries, and the building owner or company is often the one with responsibility. Every case is going to be a little different, so discussing your claims with an attorney is a good place to start.


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