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How Pokemon Go exemplifies the problem with distracted driving

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2016 | Car Accidents

If it feels like every months or so there is a new fad involving your cellphone, that’s because there probably is. The latest big trend is Pokemon Go, a mobile game app that lets people explore the real world and catch Pokemon, a video game from the early 1990s. People use the app to locate virtual monsters in an “alternate reality game,” but their locations are tied to real life locations.

Many people have jumped aboard the Pokemon Go train, and while it may seem like harmless fun, there have been multiple stories outlining the dangers the game presents. For example, a man in Baltimore crashed his car into a parked police vehicle allegedly because he was playing Pokemon Go while driving. In a similar case, a teenager crashed her car into a power pole allegedly because she was playing the mobile game.

Pokemon Go is just the latest absorbing app to take the attention of drivers and place it on the one thing they shouldn’t be focused on while driving. Self-control doesn’t come easy, but you would think by this point that people would have enough restraint to not use their cellphones while driving. Instead, Pokemon Go is just an example of how the prevalence of cellphones has negatively affected road safety.

If you are driving, please put away your cellphone. If you use it while behind the wheel of a motor vehicle and you are involved in a crash, it is very likely you would be found negligent and would be held liable should the victims pursue legal action.

Source: CNN, “Driving While Distracted: It’s not just texting anymore,” Kelly Wallace, Aug. 2, 2016


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