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Slip and fall case spawns bizarre set of litigation

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2016 | Premises Liability

A slip and fall lawsuit that is far more complicated than it probably should be is making headlines. The case all started with an incident back in 2009. A man was in a QuikTrip store and slipped on a recently-mopped part of the floor. As a result of the slip and fall, the man suffered serious back injuries that required two surgeries, lots of treatment and was allegedly a “10 out of 10” in terms of pain according to one of the doctors treating the man. The doctor also said the man may need treatment for the rest of his life.

A jury initially awarded the man $3.5 million in the case. But this is where things get way too complicated.

The man at the center of the lawsuit sued his attorneys, and his attorneys countersued. In addition, QuikTrip appealed the $3.5 million verdict and also ended up suing one of their insurance providers.

A lot of that courtroom drama and litigation is meaningless for the purposes of this blog post, so you can read about it more over at our source article for this post if you want to.

The point of this story is to establish that companies, businesses, restaurants and other commercial and private entities need to keep their premises safe. They have to protect their patrons and guests from harm, and if they don’t — like by failing to warn or protect people from a wet floor — then they can be held liable for any slip and fall that occurs.

Source: Tulsa World, “$3.5 million judgment for plaintiff in QuikTrip slip-and-fall case spawns more litigation,” Curtis Killman, Aug. 13, 2016


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