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Almond company fined for unsafe work conditions after accident

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2016 | Workplace Accidents

People in California have many different jobs in order to earn money to pay for their financial needs. These jobs are essential for many people and it is important that they are safe while they are working. When California residents are injured at work it may severely inhibit their ability to perform their jobs and provide for their financial needs. That is why there are a number of safety regulations that employers must follow in order to keep the employees safe.

Blue Diamond almond company was recently fined by an administrative law judge after an employee was severely injured in a workplace accident. One employee was driving a forklift with a load on it that blocked his view. Because his view was blocked he hit another employee that he did not see who was in front of the forklift. The judge found that the company violated a safety regulation that requires employers to ensure that forklift drivers travel with the load in the rear so they can see what is ahead of them. As a result the judge upheld a fine of $25,000 imposed on the employer.

While the employer was fined for violating the safety regulation, it may also be liable to compensate the injured worker. When employees are injured at work, they may be entitled to workers’ compensation. This compensation can be very valuable for the victim as workplace injuries can be very costly. Victims may lose wages and incur significant medical bills. Workers’ compensation can provide for both of these financial burdens.

Unfortunately, many workers are injured at work in California each year. These injuries can prevent people from working and may also result in needing multiple medical procedures. In some cases, they may never recover fully. Workers may be entitled to workers’ compensation to help pay for the financial hardships. It is important to understand the law in this area to ensure the worker receives the proper compensation.

Source: Northern California Record, “Administrative law judge blames unsafe factory practice for worker’s injuries” Michelle de Leon, Nov. 3, 2016


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