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Workplace accident causes man’s arm to get crushed

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2017 | Workplace Accidents

A workplace accident can cause an injury that leaves you suddenly unable to work and earn the wage on which you and your family depend. When this happens, you may want to consider seeking workers’ compensation benefits, as these benefits can help you recoup some or all of your lost wages and medical expenses.

One California man may want to do that now after seriously injuring his arm while working. According to reports, the man, who was operating a dump truck, had his arm trapped by the truck’s tailgate. It took approximately 40 minutes to remove his arm from the equipment, and he was subsequently airlifted to the hospital. Those involved indicated that doctors will see what they can do to ensure the worker keeps his arm.

Although workers’ compensation benefits may be crucial in allowing this injured worker to find financial stability at a time when he needs to focus on his health, the truth of the matter is that many workers’ compensation claims are initially denied. A denial may be issued for a number of reason, which can come as a surprise to the victim. When this happens, injured workers in California may need to get more information about protecting their legal rights to compensation.

In some instances, insurers may try to claim that an injury occurred outside of a person’s scope of employment, or that the employee’s own negligence caused the injuries at issue. These allegations can often be beaten back with strong evidence and convincing legal argument.

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