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Three slip and falls in mere minutes caught on camera

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2017 | Premises Liability

Seven years ago, a young girl was walking through the Mall of America in Minneapolis, Minnesota when she slipped and fell. This happened in a food court at the facility. The entire incident was caught on camera. She suffered a knee injury that never healed appropriately, ultimately preventing her from participating in sports that she once enjoyed.

A clear liquid on the ground caused the slip and fall, and the now 18-year-old has sued the Mall of America for their negligence. But what is most interesting about this story is that the video doesn’t end with just the girl falling down. In fact, two other people slip and fall at the exact location.

A woman slipped and fell at the exact same spot as the young girl. Shortly thereafter, mall personnel finally bring a warning sign out — but it is placed several feet away from the actual spill. And then mere moments later, a young boy slips and falls as a result of the wet floor. It would be funny if it were in a comedy sketch or a movie. Instead, it happened in real life and affected three different people.

The lack of urgency that many companies and places show when a spill occurs on their premises is startling. Putting up a cone or warning sign doesn’t take much effort at all, and it can done in seconds. But instead, many places are slow to react to a dangerous condition that could seriously injure people. Such negligence is unacceptable.

Source: CBS Minnesota, “Slip Caught On Camera At Mall Of America Leads To Lawsuit,” Liz Collin, June 22, 2017


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