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Two accidents lead to one fatality, multiple seriously injured

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2017 | Car Accidents

An unfortunate and uncommon set of circumstances led to a fatal wreck that ultimately involved seven vehicles, claimed one life, and left multiple other people with injuries. The fatal crash occurred because of another crash that happened on Highway 4 last week. That wreck was minor in nature and no one was hurt. However, it backed up traffic on the highway and caused a chaotic scene.

A 46-year-old woman was driving her car and approached the scene, ultimately slowing down and stopping in accordance with the traffic. But an SUV behind the woman did not stop in time, colliding with the woman’s vehicle and killing the woman. Multiple other cars were hit in the wreck. Four people had to be hospitalized because of the injuries they suffered, including a child.

Obviously the crux of the investigation right now is the vehicle that slammed into the 46-year-old’s vehicle. Was that vehicle speeding? Was the driver texting while driving or otherwise distracted? If it is deemed so, then that driver could be in a lot of trouble. Rear-end accidents like this rarely happen for any other reason other than negligence on the part of the vehicle that initiates the contact from behind.

Fatal accidents like this are devastating, especially when another driver negligently causes the wreck. The negligence in this case needs to be proven still, but it seems a strong likelihood.

Source: East Bay Times, “Woman killed, four hospitalized in crash on Highway 4 in Pittsburg,” Rick Hurd, Oct. 4, 2017


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