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Construction site accident injures five

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2017 | workers' compensation

People are working especially hard right before the holidays begin, as it might lead to bonuses and overtimes. Families wait all year to spend the holidays together and work hard year-round so that they can save money to spend on loved ones during the festive season. When someone is injured in a workplace accident right before the holidays, it not only puts a damper on the festivities but also means added expenses and frustrations.

These are perhaps the sentiments family members of the five workers who were injured on the massive High Speed Rail project are feeling. A tower made of reinforced steel rods fell on the workers, according to state investigators. Five workers were injured, of which two required hospitalization. According to authorities, there have been about 1500 workers working on the project for the last three years.

Since the accident took place on state property, the California Highway Patrol is investigating the accident. However, since this was a workplace accident, California Occupational Safety and Health Administration is also looking into the matter. They have been given the facts of the accident so far, and stated that Cal OSHA has six months from the beginning of the investigation to issue a citation if it deems appropriate. The case will remain confidential until then.

When someone is injured in a workplace accident, whether it is at a construction site or a shopping mall, they have the right to file a workers’ compensation claim. The claim can allow them to cover medical expenses that were associated with the workplace injuries and also recover wages that were lost while recuperating from the accident.


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