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4-year-old son of Bay Area news anchor mauled by large dog

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2018 | Animal Bites

Many television viewers in the Bay Area will recognize Veronica De La Cruz, a staple on the KPIX local news hour and “Bay Area Nightbeat.” She has a 4-year-old son, and recently when they were visiting a family friend, De La Cruz’s son was mauled by the friend’s dog. The dog’s breed is a rarer one, called a Catahoula cur. These dogs routinely weigh in around 40 to 90 pounds, and they are usually around two feet tall. In other words, these are bigger, more powerful dogs.

Details are unknown about the attack itself, but De La Cruz’s son suffered devastating injuries that required surgery. He may have to undergo another surgery for his eye in the future. The source article did note that the child and the dog had known each other for the last two years.

This is a really sad story on a lot of levels, but it exemplifies the risks dogs pose to kids. Children are smaller, more susceptible to injury, and are also “at the level” of dogs — meaning that it is much easier for dogs to attack a child’s face and body than a fully grown adult. People who own dogs and have them around children need to make sure their pets are safe and properly trained.

When they aren’t, attacks like this can occur — and lives can change forever. Dog attacks are vicious, awful moments in anyone’s life, and the negligent owners involved should be held accountable.

Source: SF Gate, “Bay Area TV anchor’s son mauled by dog, undergoes surgery,” Sarah Ravani, Feb. 13, 2018


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