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On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2018 | workplace injuries

An accident can take place in any work setting-it is not necessary that construction sites be the only place where workplace accidents take place. What is necessary that an employer creates a safe working environment for employees and if they are unable to do so, informs the employee of the inherent dangers and how to avoid or minimize them. When their failure to do results in a safety violation that causes a workplace injury, it is an injured worker’s right to pursue a workers’ compensation claim.

Injured employees may hesitate from filing a claim, either because they feel loyal to their employee or they are afraid of retaliation. However, if not filed timely, the claim may be time-barred. This is also why it may come as a surprise to employees that their employer contests their claim, asserting it was a result of completing a task related to their employment or that the type of medical treatment sought was not necessary.

At times like this, having experienced professionals by one side, like those at the Law Offices of Vincent J. Scotto III, can be beneficial. We work within the law and with the facts to ensure the maximum recovery possible for our clients in the face of their injuries. Our experience in the field can go a long way in protecting one’s financial security in the future.

Having protected our clients through a number of workplace accident scenarios over the course of 30 years, we use our knowledge for our client’s benefit. For more information, visit our page.



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