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Common construction site injuries

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2018 | workplace injuries

The construction industry is an integral part of the economy, but it is also the cause of millions of injuries annually. According to the CDC, construction workers experienced 9 percent of the 3.3 million nonfatal injuries and illnesses reported in 2009. Twenty-two percent of the injuries could be attributed to falls, but given the nature of the industry, there are a number of causes for construction site accidents.

California readers familiar with this San Mateo Workplace Injury Law Blog may have read the recent blog posts on construction workers getting injured in fall accidents may not be surprised to hear that falls are the most common types of workplace accidents at construction sites. Usually, this involves a fall from some height, from a scaffolding, ladder, roof or crane. Similarly, they are also at risk of getting injured by falling objects.

For example, if a tool is not secured properly, it might fall onto another worker’s head. Brain and spinal injuries are often the result in such situations, even if the injured construction worker is wearing a hard hat at the time.

The equipment used at construction sites is also dangerous. A forklift failing to work properly, a dumpster overturning suddenly or a misfiring of a nail gun are just some examples of equipment malfunctioning and causing injuries to the operator. Usually, workers are supposed to be trained on how to use equipment properly, but if that training is lacking, or the employer neglects to maintain their machinery, it might be possible to pursue a workers’ compensation claim. When supervisors neglect to control a worksite, accidents involving getting run over by large trucks or workers getting wedged between heavy machinery could also be the result.

When a workplace injury is caused during the scope of one’s employment, then it might be possible to recover workers’ compensation to cover the expenses involved with treatment. It might be beneficial to speak to an experienced professional to ensure the claim is filed in a timely manner and with the appropriate documentation.


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