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California jury awards $16 million after slip and fall

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2018 | Premises Liability

It is rare that an accident has enough effect to create consequences that may govern the rest of our lives. However, from a cracked sidewalk in Los Angeles to a faulty highway guard rail in Siskiyou County, there are accidents waiting to happen that can cause serious injury or permanent disability.

California property owners and managers owe it to the public to keep public spaces clean, neat and free of obstacles that could cause problems to passersby. When they do not, the solution is often a lawsuit in civil court to claim the required damages for recovery.

A jury in Kern County recently awarded more than $16 million to the victim of a brain injury after a slip-and-fall accident in a Bakersfield restaurant. The plaintiff’s lawyer claimed that the franchise did not schedule enough cleaning time to keep the facility safe.

The plaintiff suffered a fall after slipping on a puddle of grease and water tracked into public space from the kitchen. He suffered injuries to his head and knee, the former requiring surgery to stop life-threatening bleeding. The plaintiff still suffers from the brain injury.

“Now they have the money to get the care and the nursing he’ll need throughout his life,” the plaintiff’s attorney said. “He’ll have a longer life, number one, and one that has some dignity.”

Victims of slip-and-fall accidents and other premises liability issues have the right to sue to improve their chances of recovery. An attorney may help victims and their families prepare a case against the responsible parties and claim the required damages.

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