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Dogs are popular pets but occasionally dangerous

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2018 | Animal Bites

California is the most populous state in the nation for humans and dogs alike. The huge majority of canine friends are safe around people, and bad experiences between people and dogs are very rare. This is partially why dogs are the most popular pet here.

Dogs are also, however, the most insured animal in the Golden State because it is still possible that one will attack someone in the home or a member of the community. A recent study found that attacks went up in the state and nation among the most common breeds of dogs involved in attacks against people.

Pit bulls, which can be aggressive if threatened or badly handled, account for two-thirds of people killed by reported dog bites, while another 10 percent are attributed to Rottweilers. Older children and adults now die more often from animal attack-related injuries, as more than half of fatal attacks affected people 10 years or older.

California is home to the second largest number of dog bite fatalities, between the national leader Texas and the third most in Florida. Although 45 Californians died after dog attacks in a recent average year, only about a fifth of cases result in criminal charges. This often leaves civil courts to handle claims for financial damages by victims and their families.

Legal representation can often help victims of dog bites and the survivors of those killed in dog-bite fatalities. A case for a jury verdict or a negotiation for a financial settlement may be more likely to end successfully with an attorney assisting plaintiffs in their quest to become whole.

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