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Worker critically hurt in California construction accident

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2018 | Workplace Accidents

A number of regulations are in place to keep California construction workers safe when they are on the job. Those regulations can involve, for example, the use of safety equipment to ensure workers’ protection from worksite dangers and the need for special training to teach construction workers about the hazards they may face while performing their duties. However, despite the presence these and other regulations, construction workers in California still suffer debilitating work-related accidents. A recent incident in the state highlights this fact.

The accident happened in the morning when a worker was standing in a manhole. The manhole was located in a dug-out section of the residential construction site. The victim was allegedly hit by a truck that was traveling through that section of the construction zone and as a result of the crash the victim suffered injuries to his upper body.

The victim was taken to a hospital in the vicinity of the accident with critical injuries. Their condition is not known at this time. Investigators are attempting to put together the facts to determine how this serious worksite accident occurred and while this individual was put in harm’s way while performing the duties of his job.

California OSHA will determine if the employer of the victim should be fined for their failure to keep the injured individual safe. As they work to recover, the victim in this story may begin to explore their options for seeking compensation while they are unable to work. Workers’ compensation may be available to them to provide them with financial help in the wake of their workplace accident.


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