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California OSHA Plan protects workers from unique harms

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2018 | Workplace Accidents

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is a federal entity that promulgates rules and regulations regarding how workers should be protected from the many forms of harm that they may encounter at their work sites. The various states, including California, may adopt their own protective standards to address the safety needs of the men and women who work within their borders and not surprisingly, the California State Plan under OSHA covers more forms of harm than the federal standards.

For example, California workers who are covered by the State Plan are protected from heat and noise exposure. Both of these issues may cause immediate harm to workers or may create health problems for workers if they are exposed to them over time.

Additionally, the California State Plan protects workers from repetitive motion injuries. These injuries can be serious and are generally caused when workers must perform the same movements over time, leading to significant and painful conditions to their affected body parts.

The goal of the California State Plan is to reduce workplace accidents and injuries, so that workers may enjoy safe and healthy places of employment. When employers fail to abide by these standards, they may face penalties if their oversights lead to injuries suffered by those who work for them.

Workplace accidents and injuries should be reported to employers and workers who suffer harm while on the job should seek medical attention for the ailments they develop. Individuals who find themselves losing time from their jobs and the pay they need to make ends meet may wish to discuss their cases with attorneys.


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