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A denied workers’ compensation claim can be challenged

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2018 | workers' compensation

To a worker who suffers an injury while performing the duties of their job, seeking approval for workers’ compensation benefits may seem incredibly straightforward. A California resident in this situation may notify their employer of their injury, seek medical help for their ailments, and then file a claim for compensation for the period of time that they are unable to do their job. However, upon receiving a response regarding their claim, the worker may find that no benefits will be provided for their injury.

There are many different reasons a workers’ compensation claim may be denied. Some of them are because of certain important phases of the workers’ compensation process, such as a denial based on a worker waiting too long to seek benefits for their workplace injury. Other denials may be based on the alleged failure of workers to provide enough evidence to show their injuries did, in fact, happen at work or while the workers were doing their jobs.

In some cases, a worker’s injury may happen while they are at work, but their claim may still be denied. These denials may result from employers that claim their employees were goofing off and this behavior led to their injuries. Many different defenses may be asserted when a workers’ compensation claim is filed, but readers who have had their claims denied should know that they have rights.

A denied workers’ compensation claim may be appealed. Workers who need financial support as they convalesce and recover from their work-related injuries can submit new evidence to support their claims and can get support from an attorney who can advocate for them.


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