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Steps can be taken by all motorists to reduce their injury risk

On Behalf of | Nov 27, 2018 | Car Accidents

One of the reasons motorists are required to take both a written and physical driver’s test is to make sure that they know the rules of the road well enough to avoid becoming involved in a crash and getting hurt. There are extenuating circumstances such as another motorist’s poor driving that may make a collision inevitable. However, there are measures that a motorist can take to reduce the impact of a crash.

If you notice that a crash is about to occur, you shouldn’t simply give up and allow it to happen without putting up a fight to avoid it. Instead, you’ll want to remain focused and maintain control of your car as best you can. If you have any time to spare, then you may want to attempt an evasive maneuver to avoid the more serious of two outcomes.

When crashing into something is inevitable, you should look to strike it at an angle as opposed to head-on. If you adjust your speed, swerve or hit a less dense object that’s able to absorb some of your vehicle’s energy, then it may leave you with fewer injuries and your car less damaged.

One other factor that impacts how badly you’ll be injured if you’re involved in a car crash is how securely you’re positioned in your own vehicle. You should always wear a seat belt to hold you in place if you have to brake quickly or if your car is struck. It’s important that both the lap and shoulder portion of the belt fit snugly around you or they may provide very little protection.

Keeping your car doors locked at all times while you’re driving is also important. If your car is T-boned or is forced into a rollover, then they may fly open if they aren’t locked. Both this and motorists not wearing seatbelts lead many drivers and their passengers to be ejected in more serious crashes.

While there’s no one-size-fits-all measure that will definitively keep every motorist safe if they’re involved in a crash, if you drive more defensively, always wear your seatbelt and keep your doors locked, you may give yourself an advantage. A San Mateo car accidents attorney can advise you of some other safe driving tips and what to do if another motorist left you injured because they failed to abide by them.


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