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What are repetitive motion injuries?

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2018 | workplace injuries

Getting up each day and following a regular schedule of preparing one’s self for work is not uncommon for California workers. They may get showers, get dressed, eat breakfast, and brush their teeth all before getting in their cars and driving to their jobs. Once they arrive at their place of employment, they may fall into similar routines with regard to their work responsibilities and use their repetitive practices to get them through their days.

Sticking to a routine is a good way for a person to keep on task, but, when it comes to physical activity, repetitive actions can be detrimental to workers’ health. Repetitive motion injuries occur when workers do the same actions over and over and, as a result of the repeated actions, they cause stress and strain on their bodies. Common forms of repetitive motion injuries include carpal tunnel syndrome and muscle strain.

Repetitive motion injuries can happen in all workplaces and to individuals who perform a vast range of job tasks. Individuals who work in manufacturing can suffer them from repeatedly lifting or moving products from place to place. Office workers may suffer them from constant use of computers and keyboards to produce written communications.

A workplace injury caused by repetitive motion can be serious and can cause a worker pain, numbness, and even a loss of movement in the affected body part. Treatment is a necessary component of remedying a repetitive motion injury and getting medical help for such an injury can take time. Workers who are dealing with these common forms of harm are encouraged to speak with legal representatives to help them find support for their workplace injuries.


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