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Important steps to pursue to seek workers’ compensation benefits

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2019 | workers' compensation

Getting hurt at or sick from while on the job can be a financially and physically painful event for a California resident and their family. When caught in this difficult situation, many individuals can seek workers’ compensation benefits from their employers to provide them with compensation as they work to heal from their illnesses or injuries. In order to pursue workers’ compensation, however, individuals generally must take certain steps to protect their rights.

One important action that a worker should take after developing a workplace injury or illness is to tell their employer about their condition. Notice should be given to the worker’s employer as soon as possible. The failure of a worker to tell their employer about their physical harm could cause difficulties later on when they take additional steps toward securing workers’ compensation benefits.

Additionally, a worker who wishes to pursue workers’ compensation benefits should fill out and submit a claim form. The workers’ compensation benefits claim form initiates the process to get the worker the help that they need. Without a claim form to process, employers generally will not act to provide their injured and otherwise affected workers with benefits.

Finally, getting a workers’ compensation claim right, the first time, may mean a more efficient processing of a person’s claim and a more timely payment of their benefits. Timeliness can be key when dealing with medical needs and no income. California workers who are suffering from work-related injuries and illnesses can always seek help as this post does not offer any legal guidance or advice.


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