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Injured workers may be entitled to immediate medical care

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2019 | workers' compensation

After a workplace accident or injury a California resident should notify their employer of the harm that they have suffered immediately or as soon as they can safely do so. This is because the notification requirement triggers an employer’s workers’ compensation response and the injured employee’s opportunities to receive the medical care that they need. Under the state’s system of workers’ compensation, injured individuals have the right to be given medical care within one day of filing their claim with their employer.

This rule applies even if a claim for workers’ compensation benefits is under investigation and a person whose claim is still being reviewed may still receive up to $10,000 in medical care. If the administrator of an injured worker’s claim fails to process their documentation and the worker is not provided with timely medical assistance they may push for the help they need by communicating through their supervisor or management within their employing organization.

Medical care provided through workers’ compensation follows a medical treatment utilization schedule that relies on evidence to diagnose and treat medical conditions in hurt workers. The science behind how to best recognize and treat the ailments that affect injured workers is always changing, and as such, the guidelines that the workers’ compensation system uses are subject to change and review over time.

Individuals who suffer harm while doing their jobs should not have to wait to get the medical care that they need. The rules of the workers’ compensation system require those who have suffered on-the-job injuries to get timely help to improve their conditions and get back to doing the work that they are trained to do.


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