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A known aggressive dog attacks a Half Moon Bay woman

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2019 | Animal Bites

A dog attacked and seriously injured another canine and its owner while they were walking in their Half Moon Bay neighborhood on June 28.

The victim and her son were walking their own canine that fateful evening when their neighbor’s dog suddenly came barreling toward them. She initially took her phone out as she saw the canine fast approaching, but she dropped it as it as the dog began attacking her. She can be heard screaming in the background once the video footage ceases.

Fortunately, the victim’s adult child was thinking quickly. He turned his attention from his mom to the dog and pinned it down. The aggressive dog’s owner watched and laughed as he did this. He then took his dog and ushered him away. He never provided the mom and her son with an apology even though she was visibly hurt.

The mother ended up being bitten on her finger and having her right calf scratched before her son wrangled the dog off of her. Her dog was left with a laceration to his abdomen.

This particular incident wasn’t the first time that the victim or her neighbors have had run-ins with the dog that attacked. At least six neighborhood families have taken out restraining orders against the owner and his dog. He’s repeatedly harassed and fought them and he’s even threatened their lives.

At this point, the Peninsula Humane Society & Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) has taken custody of the dog as they investigate the incident. A San Mateo County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson has said that they too plan to look into the matter as well.

The victim, in this case, notes that she doesn’t fault the dog for what he did. She instead blames the owner for training him to act aggressively. She hopes that something will be done with the dog and its owner so that she and her neighbors don’t have to continue living in fear anymore.

In most jurisdictions throughout the United States, owners can be held accountable when their pet bites others or destroys property. If you have been attacked by a dog here in San Mateo, then you should reach out to an animal bites attorney. The one that you contact should have extensive experience in helping those who have been seriously injured in situations like this in California for the best results in your case.


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