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Fatal dog attacks reach a record high in California

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2020 | Animal Bites

Dogs are well known as a person’s best friend, but a dog bite could be a person’s worst nightmare. There is significant physical pain from the puncture wounds caused by dogs’ teeth or the scratches from their paws. The emotional pain and the time spent during recovery can also add untold suffering to a bad experience.

California is home to many dog attacks every year, with a record number of fatal attacks in 2019. Certain breeds, like pit bulls, are often blamed for reacting badly to people, but some of the people who work to get dogs adopted into homes may not be fully honest with the adopters.

An investigation into a Los Angeles dog shelter showed a lack of due diligence in protecting dog adopters and their communities from the history of their new pets. Nearly three-quarters of a cohort of dogs did not come with warnings of their past behavior, which may include biting previous owners. In addition, a former director of the facility claimed some dogs were drugged to appear more docile.

“Extremely poor shelter policies contributed to four deaths in 2019,” according to the founder of a watchdog organization. The claim also includes the charge that breeds were mislabeled in order to attract adopters.

People injured by animal attacks may have a case against the person or party legally responsible. It is possible that the deception of an animal shelter may be considered liability. An attorney can examine a case and recommend the best way to get financial damages to help with recovery and moving on.


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