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Negligent or inadequate security can lead to premises injuries

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2020 | Premises Liability

Is the world in which we live more dangerous than it was in bygone days or do we just hear about dangerous incidents more often? As injury lawyers, we would not presume to answer questions like this. What we can say is that we, and other California law firms, see a lot of victims who suffered injuries from security incidents occurring on someone else’s property

In many cases, a lack of proper security may invite the criminal element to enter these properties and wreak havoc. Perhaps they come to rob innocent citizens and cause an injury during the altercation. Other times, improperly secured premises make the ideal hunting ground for those who simply wish to harm other living beings.

Whatever the case, inadequate security can and does contribute to injuries. For most, filing a premises liability claim is a way to call out a property owner for failing to protect residents, guests, customers and visitors. After all, a property owner has a legal duty to keep his or her premises reasonably free of danger.

Let’s look at an example of how inadequate security resulting in injuries can lead to a successful premises liability claim.

Say that you are a guest in a motel that has little or no exterior lighting. As you are about to enter your room, someone emerges from the shadows and knocks you down, resulting in a serious head injury. Because the property owner failed to supply proper lighting, you likely have excellent grounds to seek compensation through a premises liability suit.

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