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Workplace injuries can now happen in the home

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2020 | Premises Liability

You may be reading this while you take a quick break from work. You may also be reading this at home while you’re in sweatpants before you rummage through the fridge. Maybe you’re doing both, because of a long trend that has recently become the norm.

Working from home is now commonplace for millions of workers in California and elsewhere in the United States. In fact, many jobs based in California may be done by people outside the state, taking pressure off local housing shortages. It also saves money and time since people don’t have to go to the office.

But not all the risks are gone. Many of the same conditions that existed in the workplace, such as screen fatigue and repetitive stress injuries, still affect workers in the same ways that they did in the office. In some cases, the problems are worse because home furniture is less likely to be ergonomically designed.

Homes and houses may now be considered secondary workplaces in lawsuits involving premises liability or workers’ compensation cases. This is because work-related activities are still happening there. Even activities required for personal comfort on work time, like rummaging through the fridge, may be a problem for companies getting sued for premises liability and other issues.

People who suffer injuries on work time may have a similar case for financial damages because everyone deserves the best chance to recover from an avoidable injury. An attorney can help judge if an injury is worth going to civil court to claim damages or seek a settlement from an employer.


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