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What factors make parks unsafe?

On Behalf of | Aug 18, 2020 | Premises Liability

Parks are great places to play and get in physical activity; however, they can also be very dangerous. Many parks, especially in older neighborhoods, were built quite some time ago. Their infrastructure may have become compromised over time, and parts of them may have gone unmaintained and started to erode.

Older parks in less than desirable neighborhoods may attract the wrong type of people, creating safety concerns. They may have poor lighting and visibility. The design may create opportunities for criminals to isolate themselves so that they can prey upon parkgoers or vandalize what’s there.

Park designers have learned that it’s beneficial to limit isolated areas within parks in recent years. They understand how important it is that all areas of the park are easily accessible so that anyone in distress can be seen and heard by others.

Government entities that manage parks have also come to know the value of equipping their parks with surveillance systems. Many designers have designed their plans leaving bathrooms as the focal point. Cities have implemented strategies such as installing cameras and keeping doors locked after hours to keep park visitors safe.

Designers have also come to understand that parks must be easy to navigate in recent years, thus minimizing the chances of a visitor getting lost. Many parks now feature signs and directions along park paths and continual access to the street to aid navigation. Administrators have also come to realize the importance of there being emergency telephones strategically located throughout the park in case a person needs help.

Many individuals assume that if a park is open and welcoming visitors, that it must be safe. This isn’t always the case, though. You may be entitled to monetary damages if you suffered injuries or became the victim of a crime due to a poorly maintained or designed San Mateo park.

How much you may qualify to receive depends on a variety of factors to include the severity of your injuries and any settlement caps that may apply. An experienced attorney can review your California case and advise you of legal remedies that you’re eligible to pursue.


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