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The potential for treacherous terrain while trick-or-treating

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2021 | Premises Liability

Halloween remains a hallowed tradition for costumed children who annually go from home to home in search of candy, many with their parents in tow. No other time of the year will see as many ringing doorbells and costumed youth – not to mention adults getting into the spirit of things –  crossing property lines to secure a sweet treat.

In a night known for mischief, homeowners are likely to keep an eye on their property to prevent acts of vandalism. However, they also need to be aware that once trick-or-treaters cross the property line where their dwellings are located, accidents could result in premises liability (also known as slip-and-fall) claims.

A different type of scary surroundings

While some homeowners attend to every detail to ensure safety, others have lawns and driveways where foot travel is treacherous. A lack of maintenance has created dangerous surroundings. The unwillingness to walk the property to attend to any potential pedestrian problems can turn a fun holiday into a nightmare.

Debris and fallen leaves are only the beginning. Combined with decorations made from dried cornstalks and crepe paper could quickly start a serious fire. In addition, decorative Halloween lights require extension cords, many that are overloading electrical outlets. Combining those cords with decorations that need stakes in the ground also combines for significant tripping hazards.

Poor lighting only makes a bad situation worse with kids and their parents fumbling around in dark areas with minimal illumination. The use of candles creates the possibility of house fires or severe burns to passers-by.

Halloween is known for its scares. However, those frights should be based on fun, not danger that could result in serious injuries.