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Cutting-edge motor vehicle technology continues

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2021 | Car Accidents

With technological advancements, motor vehicle consumers find themselves with an array of safety features that provide protection for themselves and their passengers. As new features continue to be introduced, the process of selecting just the right car or truck is perhaps more complex than it has ever been.

Staying between the lines

Of particular interest is Lane Keeping Assist Systems that alert drivers who unintentionally cross lane lines and run the risk of hitting another vehicle. A wide array of lane-keeping features exist that fall into two categories: Intermittent and sustained.

Intermittent intervenes when a vehicle comes close to or crosses a lane marker. Sustained provides constant support to keep the car at or near the center of the lane, automating a significant part of driving. However, that can result in risky overreliance on the feature.

According to a 2020 Consumer Reports survey of their members, the most effective lane-keeping comes from vehicles manufactured by Tesla, Cadillac, Hyundai, and Volvo. Data comes from 84,000 vehicles with lane-keeping assistance.

In spite of the number of models that help safely keep drivers “between the lines,” the systems are not nearly as popular as other ADAS features. Automatic brakes and blind spot detections are far more coveted. Some consumers find warning systems to be better on highways but consider them annoying on roads with lower speed limits. Many go so far as to shut down the feature.

Cutting-edge technology in motor vehicles has made driving safer. However, drivers who abuse the perks can become complacent, letting the car tell them when potential dangers approach. A proactive, not reactive approach can help prevent serious accidents from occurring.