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Falls could lead to terrible injuries for California workers

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2021 | workers' compensation

Avoiding injuries becomes a daily practice for many workers, especially those in dangerous jobs. California workers who deal with heights often accept the hazards associated with their occupations. A telephone line repair technician or a high-rise window washer may rely on safety equipment to prevent falls. Unfortunately, equipment doesn’t always work, leading to injuries.

Inspecting safety equipment could prevent harm

Personal fall protection equipment, including anchors and harnesses, may keep a worker safe even when the person is at extreme heights. If the equipment suffers from defects, damage, or wear and tear, it may fail when needed the most. Age alone may undermine protective equipment’s ability to preserve safety. Inspecting the equipment should be a priority when hoping to prevent injuries.

Reviewing a comprehensive harness protection checklist reflects one way to keep workers safe. Anything that fails the inspection checklist could indicate a red flag that the harness may not be suitable anymore.

Injuries from falls

The harm a fall may cause can vary, depending on the height and other circumstances. People have lost their lives from falls, and others experienced permanent injuries. Some may deal with broken bones or, luckily, only suffer minor troubles.

Recovering from a fall could require missing work. Since California is a no-fault workers’ compensation state, filing for benefits might be an option. Taking all appropriate steps to submit a thorough claim could increase the chances of approval. Denials might not mean the end of the claim, as appeals may reverse a negative action.

In the worst-case scenario, dependents might seek death benefits when someone dies during a fall. These benefits could protect a family financially when a loved one’s passing creates economic strife.


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