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Gym injuries and possible legal action

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2022 | Premises Liability

People frequent commercial gyms intending to get fitter and stronger, not injured. Yet, injuries happen. Besides sprains and soreness from working out, California fitness enthusiasts might suffer long-term injuries from a slip-and-fall accident. As with other commercial enterprises, gyms and fitness centers must provide a safe environment for their members, workers, and visitors. If someone gets hurt, a premises liability claim may be forthcoming.

Injuries and accidents at commercial gyms

Gym members and others could suffer injuries in several ways. Tripping over equipment strewn around the gym’s floor is one way, and such incidents may happen when the staff isn’t taking steps to maintain safety and order.

Getting hurt at a gym could result from poorly maintained equipment or outright building maintenance neglect.

Did the gym’s management ignore broken handrails or problems with interior or exterior steps? Not performing safety renovations might reflect negligence.

Even routine duties present potential hazards, such as creating slippery conditions from mopping floors or wiping down equipment. If someone gets hurt after slipping, the person could have a claim.

Accidents, care, and claims

Premises liability incidents come in many forms and have more than one person at fault. Horseplay at the gym could leave management and misbehaving members both liable. Regardless of how someone gets hurt, an accident victim might need immediate medical attention.

Anyone hurt at a gym might find it beneficial to visit an emergency room or urgent care facility right away. Sometimes, accidents might be worse than realized, even if the symptoms appear mild.

Accidents might lead to lost wages and medical expenses. Commercial gyms could carry sufficient liability coverage to address negligence claims. An insurance or lawsuit settlement may lead to recovering adequate compensation for losses.


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