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3 tips for staying safe at work

On Behalf of | May 13, 2022 | workplace injuries

Every type of work environment in California has potential hazards. Whether you work in a busy construction zone or a quiet office, you should be taking precautions to avoid injuries. Here are some basic tips that all workers can use to stay safe on the job:

#1: Know your environment

No matter where you work, there are going to be some areas that are more dangerous than others. If you work at a restaurant, it could be a crowded kitchen where liquids are sometimes spilled on the floor. Your office might have an area in the hallway where the rug is slightly uneven.

It’s important that you stay aware of your surroundings and take note of potential hazards. The better you know your work environment, the easier it will be to spot a new hazard if one appears. If you notice something dangerous, it’s important to alert your supervisor so that it can be fixed.

#2: Take your breaks

Some people forget to take breaks or intentionally skip breaks because they want to get more work done. While you may think that you’re being more productive, skipping breaks could actually cost you. If you don’t take time to rest, you might make mistakes due to fatigue and end up being injured.

Breaks are especially important for workers that perform the same physical tasks over and over again. Many workers’ compensation claims are filed by people who experience musculoskeletal injuries from repetitive jobs.

#3: Use personal protective equipment

There are many different types of personal protective equipment, or PPE, that are used to prevent short and long-term work injuries. Workers in extremely loud environments may require earplugs to avoid long-term hearing damage. Nurses and other medical staff may wear gloves to avoid coming in contact with bodily fluids. Remember to always wear the PPE that is required for your job, even if it seems like an inconvenience.

Take time to recover from work injuries

One of the worst things you can do after being injured on the job is return to work before your body has had time to heal. Aggravating an existing injury could lead to long-term problems that will be harder to recover from. Take time to rest and recover after any type of work injury.


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