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Injuries as part of the EMS career

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2022 | workplace injuries

A career as an EMS worker in California often involves the risk of an injury, even one that’s minor. The job is one that’s often physically demanding and that can put you in hazardous situations, such as dealing with patients who are combative or helping with chemical spills. Here are a few common injuries that you could experience.

Motion injuries

Being an EMS worker often involves quite a bit of moving around and carrying stretchers, people, and heavy equipment. A common injury involves overexertion. This means that you could pull or strain a muscle. You could also damage tendons and ligaments by overusing these components of the body, especially when lifting patients.

Harmful products

Working in the emergency medical field sometimes means that you will come across substances that are hazardous to your body. They could come from exposure to bloodborne diseases, handling chemicals that you aren’t educated about, and dealing with situations where unknown fumes are present. It’s important to wear the proper attire in these situations to decrease the risk of a serious injury, such as gloves, goggles, and a HAZMAT suit if one is warranted.

Falls and slips

Sometimes, you might work in conditions where you have to run or quickly walk to reach a patient or to get them out of harm’s way. You might work in conditions where you walk on surfaces that have bodily fluids. It could be raining while you’re on your shift. These circumstances can lead to falling or slipping and being injured.


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