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Common injuries suffered by construction workers

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2022 | workers' compensation

Construction workers have some of the most difficult jobs in California. Certain injuries are very common among those who perform this demanding work.

What are common construction site injuries?

Construction workers frequently have to work from heights such as on scaffolding while working on buildings. It’s common for workers to fall from heights. They can get seriously injured when falling onto the ground, a ditch or even on machinery on the construction site. In the worst-case scenario, a worker can die from the injuries sustained in a fall.

If a trench collapses, a construction worker can become trapped within it. This is a serious emergency situation that can result in suffocation, being buried alive or even getting crushed.

Construction work requires repeated motions. As a result, repetitive motion injuries are common. Workers can suffer from damage to soft tissues and muscles, which can bring about range of motion problems and serious chronic pain. Many construction workers end up filing for workers’ compensation to recover from these injuries.

Construction workers frequently work with machinery, power tools, generators and electrical wiring. All of these things can pose a serious risk of catastrophic injuries like electric shock or even electrical burns.

Anyone working on a construction site must wear the appropriate protective gear. This includes hard hats, safety goggles, protective vests, sturdy work boots and cables to prevent falls. If someone performs their work without one or more of these protective items, it could put them in jeopardy.

What can employers do?

Employers must do their part to keep construction workers safe. It’s important for all workers to be properly trained, wear the right equipment and know how to handle potential emergencies. They must know how to administer first as well. The construction site must have safety gear on hand at all times.


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