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Eye injuries on the job

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2022 | workplace injuries

California employees can suffer several injuries on the job, including eye trauma. Since some jobs come with greater risks than others, to avoid eye problems while working, employees may find it valuable to take as many protective steps as possible. However, even the most alert and cautious workers could suffer an eye injury. Accidents can happen swiftly and without warning, resulting in harm.

Eye injuries while working

People often experience the annoying problem of getting something into their eyes when dirt or debris may fly through the air. Things could be far worse when someone sawing wood gets a sharp splinter in their eye. Not wearing protective goggles may lead to such an accident. The same could occur when people work near open flames or chemicals. Chemical splashes aren’t the only risk to people’s eyes, as the fumes alone might cause severe eye irritation.

Hopefully, employers provide their workers with the necessary eye protection to reduce the chances of harm. Giving someone protective eyewear might not be enough, as the workers need to know how to wear them properly. Also, wearing protective gear, in general, may not be enough if employees don’t know how to use the equipment safely.

And then there are some accidents that are unexpected. For example, someone might not know they have an irritant on their hands and then they rub their eyes. A severe reaction may result.

Dealing with eye troubles

With eye injuries, employees might need medical attention. Some workers may wish to get their eyes checked regularly because sometimes problems could manifest over time, and the employee doesn’t realize it.

Those who miss work due to eye injuries could file a workers’ comp claim. California is a no-fault state, so proving negligence is not necessary.

Workers’ compensation may cover a permanent disability. Furthermore, some eye injuries could, unfortunately, force someone to leave the workforce.


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