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Welding injuries and avoiding them

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2022 | workers' compensation

Respiratory problems develop for many reasons, including occupational hazards. Welders might feel concerned about suffering from lung ailments since the fumes are dangerous. Long-term exposure to fumes could create severe health problems for California workers, although acute inhalation also remains a risk. Improving workplace safety conditions could decrease potential harm, but mishaps may occur regardless.

Keeping workers safe from welding fumes

Welding involves using a scorching and targeted flame to melt metals, so they fuse when cooling. Welding creates gasses and fumes released into the air, many of which contain toxins. In previous generations, workers did not have access to modern safety equipment, nor were there regulations to protect them, and many developed lung cancer. Today, workers can use protective clothing and gear to reduce exposure to toxic fumes.

Exposures and illnesses still happen, though. Damaged or poorly maintained equipment might fail to deliver adequate protection. Management’s lack of oversight or outright negligence may result in equipment failures and injured workers.

Ultimately, proper ventilation could contribute greatly to a safer work environment. Without proper ventilation, the fumes may linger, creating potential dangers to those now unable to avoid breathing them. Even those who weld outdoors might need to take additional steps to avoid breathing the fumes, as they may linger even in wide open spaces.

Injuries and welding

Detailed safety training might help workers stay safe. Assuming even an experienced worker knows everything about welding safety may lead to dangerous oversights and subsequent injuries and workers’ compensation claims.

California is a no-fault workers’ comp state, so welders need not prove negligence to file a claim. Those rules apply to all employees exposed to welding fumes or other injury-causing workplace problems. An approved workers’ comp claim may cover long or short-term injuries that make someone unable to work.


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