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Fiberglass exposure and injury risks

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2022 | workplace injuries

Workers in construction jobs might deal with atypical injuries that someone in another profession does not. The average office worker might not risk exposure to fiberglass, but people who renovate or build homes and offices in California may deal with the material and its potential dangers. Those hurt from exposure to fiberglass might file a worker’s compensation claim to receive benefits.

Fiberglass dangers

Fiberglass is not considered a toxic substance, but it does present some concerns. Anyone who touches fiberglass with their bare hands might not think about the loose particles and rub their eyes. Eye irritation may become severe, depending on how the eyes react.

Others could breathe fiberglass particles, which could cause respiratory irritation. Someone already suffering from pre-existing ailments, such as bronchitis, might discover fiberglass worsens their problems.

Glass fibers inside fiberglass dust could be the roots of any issues someone suffers. The glass-containing fibers might remain on the skin, increasing the odds it could transfer from the skin to the eyes, nose or throat. Even thorough washing may not eliminate all the particles.

Workers’ comp and injuries

Persons dealing with workplace injuries from fiberglass exposure may file a workers’ compensation claim. A properly filed claim might receive approval, but some issues may arise.

An employer could dispute a workers’ compensation claim. Regardless of the motivation, an employer might cause problems for a worker when casting doubts when an employee suffers a work-related injury. The recovering employee could experience delays with their claims package if the employer forces further investigations.

Some might suggest the person is not as hurt as they claim. Accusations could even rise to the level of saying someone committed fraud. Ultimately, legitimate medical proof of an injury may establish the facts about the doubts cast on the situation.


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