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How to avoid common ladder mistakes

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2024 | Workplace Accidents

In the construction industry, falls are one of the top reasons for fatal accidents. Many of these accidents happen while people are working on ladders. It’s an inherent hazard of the job, as a fall from any height carries a significant risk of severe injury.

It’s not just the construction industry where this is true, but also related industries like painting, roofing, or maintenance and upkeep. To help keep these workers safe, here are some tips on how they can avoid serious mistakes.

Leaning from the ladder

Workers who try to lean while they are at the top of the ladder risk slipping and falling or causing the ladder to tip to the side. Often, they do this because something they need to access is just out of reach. The best way to avoid it is to climb down the ladder, move it to the side and then climb again at a point where leaning isn’t necessary.

Keeping two points of contact

Another mistake is not maintaining three points of contact at all times. One of the most common reasons for this error is that workers are trying to carry tools or materials up the ladder with them. Workers should always focus on climbing.

Falling with the ladder

One of the most dangerous accidents is when the ladder itself falls while the worker is on it. For example, if the bottom of the ladder is too close to the wall, it could tip over backward. But if the bottom is too far away from the wall, the feet could slide out and the worker will fall down the face of the wall. Either way, setting up the ladder properly is the path to avoiding this type of accident.

Even when they use these tips, workers could still get hurt in falls on the job. Those who do need to know how to seek workers’ comp benefits.


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