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Expansion of distracted driving laws approved by governor

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2016 | Car Accidents

As you may be aware, there is an expansion of California’s distracted driving laws on the cards, and it will mean that there are more restrictions for drivers and, hopefully, safer roads for everyone. Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill that bans drivers from using their cellphones unless they have a hands-free device. In addition, there will be added measures that specifically address streaming videos on your cellphone while driving and taking pictures while driving, in addition to other safety measures.

The bill seems like another step in the right direction for a generation of drivers that may become used to the idea of staring at a cellphone screen while driving. Instead, laws like this push back against this negligent and reckless driving behavior.

But as we have discussed before — such as when the popular cellphone game Pokemon Go was released — states can pass as many laws as they want to, and there will still be irresponsible individuals who feel they can use their cellphone and still drive their car at a functional level. The problem, though, is that the second you take that cellphone out while behind the wheel of a car, you are inherently less focused on the road than you were before you took out the phone.

This is why the victims of distracted driving accidents turn to civil lawsuits to hold the reckless drivers responsible. They have been wronged — and in a horribly irresponsible and silly way — and they deserve compensation to help them deal with the trauma and to recover from the accident.

Source: ABC 10, “Hands-free driving laws in California expanded,” Sept. 27, 2016


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