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Statistics on the number of workplace injuries in California

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2017 | workplace injuries

Accidents occur every day in California. Some of these accidents are minor and do not affect the people involved very much. However, other accidents result in severe injuries to those involved. These injuries can change people’s lives for a period of time. This can include being unable to work while they recover. While these accidents can also occur in many different locations, people expect to be safe in certain circumstances. One of these circumstances is while the person is at work. Employees expect that the employer will keep them safe so they can continue to do their job.

Despite this expectation, many people are still hurt on the job in California. In 2015, there were 470,600 reported workplace injuries. Of these injuries, 273,500 resulted in people missing time at work or being restricted in their ability to do their job. Some industries experienced more injuries than others. There were 65,100 injuries in the health care and social assistance industry, 51,300 injuries in the retail trade industry, 42,200 in the food and hospitality service industry, 39,900 in the manufacturing industry and thousands more in other industries.

As our readers can see from the statistics, injuries can happen in a variety of situations. People oftentimes associate certain industries as being more dangerous and assume that more injuries occur at those jobs, but that is not exactly true. Also, it does not matter what type of work a person does, if they are unable to work and earn an income, it can be very devastating for both them and their family. Fortunately, people who are injured at work may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, which can pay for medical expenses and a portion of the person’s income while they recover from the injury.

There are hundreds of thousands of workplace injuries each year in California. Many of these injuries require medical treatment and prevent people from working. This can make meeting monthly obligations difficult, but the person may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits can be extremely valuable and it is important to understand the law to ensure one is properly compensated for their injury.

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