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3 hazards caused by gravity at construction sites

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2024 | Workplace Accidents

Workers in the California construction industry often need to fight a battle against natural forces. They are out on the job site even when the weather is less than ideal. During times of normal weather, the basic forces of nature create consistent hazards that can lead to severe injury or even death.

Gravity is a natural force that people experience every day. Gravity keeps buildings in place on the ground, but it also creates certain hazards for those erecting those edifices or repairing them. How does gravity contribute to injury risk at modern construction sites?

Through the possibility of a fall

Falls from a significant elevation are a leading cause of both injury and worker fatalities. Falling off of a residential roof that is two or three stories high could be enough to put someone in the hospital or worse. A fall from higher than that could have tragic consequences. Workers generally need to communicate well with each other and use proper safety equipment to reduce the risk of falling when doing their jobs at an elevated work site.

Due to falling tools and materials

A worker does not need to be up on the ladder or scaffolding to risk a gravity-related incident. One of their co-workers could potentially kick over a pile of bricks or drop a power drill at any moment. Falling objects are a constant hazard on construction sites. Despite regulations requiring certain practices to secure tools and materials, workers sometimes cut corners and could drop objects from an unsafe height.

Through trenching incidents

Being below grade can be as risky as being at an elevation at many construction sites. Trenches allow companies to put down conduit for electrical supply or plumbing. It also may be necessary when stalling below-grade living spaces or an inground cool. Trenching exposes workers to a variety of risks. They could fall into the trench or get struck by falling coworkers or tools. The possibility of the earth sliding into the trench and trapping them is also a major concern. Heavy machinery can quickly cause a trench collapse with tragic consequences.

Employees aware of how gravity creates job hazards can reduce their risk of serious construction injuries. Filing a workers’ compensation claim is often a smart move for anyone hurt due to gravity-related incidents at a construction site.


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