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Medical emergencies while driving could be aided by technology

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2018 | Car Accidents

Imagine that you are driving down the road one day, and you feel a sudden pain in your chest. “That’s odd,” you think. You’re a relatively healthy person who keeps up with his or her doctor’s appointments and checkups. So you keep driving thinking it’s just a weird shooting pain. But it only persists and gets worse. Soon, you realize this isn’t just a random ache or pain — you are having a heart attack.

This happens surprisingly often, and it can lead to devastating car accidents. Medical issues while driving can pop up without warning, and they can lead to lives being lost in the most infuriating of ways. So is there a way to reduce these accidents or, maybe, eliminate them entirely?

That could be the aim of some self-driving cars in the future, or even regular cars. Imagine driving your car with a fully functional health monitoring system. Your dashboard could display your heart rate, your vital signs, and numerous other pieces of information about your body and your overall health. All of these pieces of information could then be analyzed and used by a car to protect against a driver suffering a medical emergency suddenly being unable to drive his or her car.

Is that future close? It’s difficult to tell, but it certainly isn’t a pipe dream anymore as we’ve seen automotive technology expand and evolve in ways no one ever thought possible.

Source: CNBC, “Soon your car will know when you are having a heart attack — and know how to react,” Joe D’Allegro, Nov. 17, 2017


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