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Can I sue if I’m injured outside a premises?

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2018 | Premises Liability

If you are injured when you are inside a public premises, for example in a grocery store, movie theater or gym, it often comes as second nature to consider making a claim, especially if you believe that the premises was negligent. However, if you were injured when you stood in the immediate external vicinity of the premises, it is likely that you will not be sure whether you can hold the premises responsible.

If you are suffering as a result of what you would consider negligence on behalf of a property owner in the state of California, it is important that you understand your rights in regard to making a claim.

What are the boundaries of the premises when it comes to making a claim?

Whether you are inside or outside of the premises is not relevant for the purposes of an injury claim. However, what is relevant is whether you were on property that is owned by the premises in question. For example, if you were injured after tripping on broken paving in the parking lot of a grocery store, you may be able to receive compensation if the parking lot is owned by the grocery store.

Do I need to be a paying customer?

Many people worry that they will not be able to make a claim because they did not purchase anything at the store. However, premises have the responsibility to keep the premises safe for all visitors, not just paying customers.

If you were injured outside of a premises and you think that the incident could have been prevented, you should consider taking swift legal action.


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