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How to prevent nail gun injuries

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2022 | workplace injuries

Nail guns could cause serious injuries and even death. California construction workers and their employers should take the risk seriously and implement prevention strategies to reduce the occurrences of these injuries.

Use full sequential trigger nail guns

Full sequential trigger nail guns are the safest to use. They prevent bump firing of the nails. You must activate the controls in a specific order to fire a nail. The extra mechanisms reduce the chance of accidental firing.

The loss of productivity isn’t as major as one might think. One study found that framers were only 10% faster than those who were using a contact trigger gun. Nailing typically doesn’t account for even 1% of the time that goes into building construction.

Make tool manuals available

Employers could keep the tool manuals accessible on the job site. This would allow workers to double-check any safety rules that they aren’t certain about and could prevent construction work injuries. Employers also may want to encourage employees to take a look at the manual when in doubt. California holds employers responsible for taking steps to properly instruct workers on how to safely use nail guns.

Avoid the line of fire

Another prevention strategy that employers and employees could implement is structuring the job site so that no one is in the line of fire of nail guns. Using clamps to brace placement pieces instead of your hands will help reduce the risk of injury as well. Shoot the nail gun away from your body and others.

Nail gun injuries could become rare when you follow the correct safety and prevention procedures. If you do experience an injury from a nail gun or another job site accident, it’s crucial to seek medical attention immediately.


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