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Head injuries can occur at any job

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2023 | workers' compensation

Any type of job can place California employees at risk of workplace accidents. While any work injury can be problematic, head injuries place people in danger of long-term damage, massive medical costs and other challenges.

Know the causes of workplace head injuries and how to avoid them

It is important to be cognizant of the possibility of head injuries on the job. Recognizing the kinds of accidents that can happen and what strategies might prevent them can go a long way to maintaining safety.

The obvious ways in which head injuries can happen at work are if an object falls from above and hits a worker on their head. It can also come about if a worker is stationed at a height and falls. It could be due to being high above ground or from falling off a ladder in an office.

Workers might slip, fall and hit their head. In some jobs, workers are performing work that requires safety equipment and they do not have it or use it because the employer has not provided it or failed to mandate that it be worn. Other causes are machine-related accidents and workers who have not been properly trained.

Head injuries are among the most common reasons for workers’ compensation claims. There are fundamentals for prevention of head injuries. That includes staying alert, emphasizing caution, ensuring workers are properly trained, using the proper protective equipment and workplaces being fully staffed by competent people.

Workplace head injuries can be cause for concern

Workers need to recognize how head injuries can occur and how to prevent them. If a work environment is unsafe and employers have not taken preventative steps, this could be important when deciding how to proceed with making up for lost wages and other costs.


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