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Statistics regarding key factors in frequency of work injuries

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2023 | workers' compensation, workplace injuries

Work accidents are a growing problem in California. Researchers are trying to determine how and why injuries are occurring to formulate strategies to protect all workers. A key part of the assessment of the data that researchers are gathering centers on who is most vulnerable to work accidents and injuries.

Older and newer workers are prone to accidents and injuries

A report from The Travelers Companies, Inc. states that first-year workers comprise a substantial number of work injuries. This is independent of age and experience. Statistically, 34% of workers’ compensation claims came from workers in this category.

Additionally, people aged 60 and above had injuries that were more costly. The cost for this age group was almost 15% higher than people from 35 to 49 and 140% more for those 18 to 24.

Close to 40% of the injuries were labeled as sprains or strains. Seven percent suffered from inflammation and 8% had contusions. More serious injuries like fractures and dislocations came in at 13% and 7% respectively.

The work environment is changing rapidly with older people working longer than they did in the past. This is no surprise as people are living longer and making their health a priority. Not all jobs in which new or older workers are injured are physically taxing. Injuries can occur in any kind of job.

Despite that, age brings certain risks. The same is true for lack of experience. Lost time on the job and the need to treat injuries can be expensive with workers’ compensation claims accompanying these incidents.

Workers should be cognizant of who is at risk for workplace injuries

Older workers might be more judicious as they work, but their age and vulnerabilities can result in a higher chance of accident and injury. Younger workers can be energetic, but being new on the job may also place them in jeopardy.

Work accidents can leave people wondering what will happen to them and their families. A key to address concerns is having an idea as to how workers’ compensation can cover medical care and lost income.


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